​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​UNCG tuition and fees for the Doctor of Nursing Practice, Nurse Anesthesia Concentration

Financial Aid information for UNCG School of Nursing can be found by clicking on the following link: ​​​​UNCG Financial Aid Office

The fees listed below are estimates and all fees are subject to change:
​Deposit on Acceptance: $3,000.00 (applied to fees payable to UNCG)

One-Time Fees payable to UNCG: 

ExamSoft $325.00 (one-time fee)
Medatrax $270.00 (one-time fee)
Equipment Fee $250.00 (one-time fee)
Ear Mold $60.00 (one-time fee)
Nerve Stimulator $200.00 (one-time fee)
Review Courses $1235.00 * (2 courses, 1 during Spring semester of 2nd year and the other is during the summer semester )

Per Year Fees payable to UNCG:

Equipment Fee $250.00 (per year)
Activity fee $20.00 (per year)
Technology Fee $200.00 (per year)

Student Fees Independently Paid for by Student: 

AANA Associate Membership $200.00 (one-time fee)
Malpractice Insurance $330.00 (per year)
Background check & drug screen $300.00 (First Year fee), $191.00 per year afterwards during 2nd and 3rd year for the annual drug screen and background renewal check
ACLS and BLS certification renewals, cost depends on vendor
Required Books $2,300.00 (Approx) (one-time cost)
National Certification Exam $995.00​
SEE Exam $250.00 each
* Review Course(s) vary based on provider.

Students are required to purchase their own textbooks, notebooks, stethoscopes, nerve stimulators, and precordial stethoscope ear pieces. UNCG works with local merchants for the nerve stimulators and precordial stethoscope ear pieces and these fees are included under miscellaneous equipment.​  It is required for students to purchase student malpractice insurance coverage through AANA Insurance. Students are also responsible for providing their own health insurance. A student health insurance policy is available if needed, through UNCG.

Students must provide their own living accommodations.

AHEC housing at clinical sites located at a distance is provided on a first come-first serve basis.

​Students are required to wear scrubs in the operating room.  Scrubs will be furnished at the individual clinical site.  Long white lab coats are worn over scrub clothes when leaving the operating room for meals, conferences or patient rounds.